Piggy bank with american coin

US banking for Canadian businesses.

Open a US Dollar account with local US bank account details in minutes.

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Canadian accounts coming in Q3 2023.

Free multi-currency accounts for Canadian ecommerce businesses

Receive payouts from marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify, PayPal, Etsy and Stripe as well as payments from any other customers in USD. Pay your US suppliers within seconds for free or convert your money into Canadian Dollars at market-leading FX rates.

Piggy bank with american coin

Hold and receive funds in multiple currencies

Get local account details so you can receive funds in the currency you get paid in and avoid unnecessary FX conversion.

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Market leading FX rates

Convert between currency balances instantly at rates better than major banks and FX providers.

Piggy bank with american coin

Free your money with Loop

Pay your bills, send money internationally, or pay with Loop Card within seconds, for free.


How much does it cost to open an account?

Opening a multi-currency account with Loop is completely free. Additionally, the sign up is completed entirely online - yes you heard that right, you can open a US Dollar account from your couch at home (no more driving to a bank branch in the US).

Are there monthly fees or minimum deposit levels?

There are no monthly fees for any of Loop’s multi-currency accounts. There is also no minimum deposit amount required to benefit from no fee banking.

Is my money safe?

Loop is required to keep your money safe and protected. Since we are not a bank ourselves, we do not lend out customer money, we safeguard your money by keeping your money in accounts that are separate from the ones we use to run our business. 

Deposits made to the Loop US Dollar Account are insured under FDIC. You can learn more about The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and other information here

The CAD, EUR and GBP accounts also include measures to safeguard your funds by depositing your funds at a segregated account at banking institutions in Canada, the US, the UK and Europe..

Are there limits on how much I can receive into my account?

There are no set limits to on the amount of funds you can receive into your multi-currency accounts.

What currency accounts are available?

Loop currently offers USD accounts with a local US account number and ABA routing number. Loop also offers CAD, EUR and GBP accounts, however, you do not currently have account details for these accounts. Local banking details for CAD, EUR and GBP will be launched in Q3 of 2022.

What incoming payment methods are supported?

Loop’s USD account currently supports ACH transfers for incoming payments originating in the US and EFT for transfers initiated within Canada.

Loop’s CAD account currently only supports EFT debit within Canada (meaning Loop will debit another CAD account at a bank in Canada upon your instruction).

At this time, Loop only enables you to add funds to your GBP and EUR accounts by converting from one of your other currency balances.

What outgoing payment methods are supported?

Loop supports a number of outgoing payment methods and will automatically select the best option depending on where you are sending money. For example, Loop will send ACH payments to payees in the USA, Wire transfers for payees in Asia/Africa, Faster Payments for payees in the UK and EFT for payees located in Canada.

Start spending wherever you need

Purchase in multiple currencies without converting. Earn points on everything. Get super flexible spending.

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