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Google released Rising Retail Categories which allows eCommerce business owners to track fast-rising retail categories on a monthly basis based on Google Search trends.

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Your All-In-One Financial Services Platform for Ecommerce Brands.

We built Loop for your fast growing eCommerce brands. Loop is the financial partner that takes care of your day to day financial service needs, including making sure you are always have access to the right amount of growth capital.

Everything you need to enable you to scale.

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Trusted by leading eCommerce brands

Financial Solutions For High-Growth eCommerce Brands

Loop's Line of Credit

Free up your cash flow for ads and use our line of credit for your inventory. Loop’s line of credit is built for high-growth eCommerce brands that need cashflow flexibility. Use the credit when you want, pay back the credit when you want.

Apply once and never apply for credit again
Up to $1M in funding with rates starting at 0.75%
Grow your credit limit every month
Need something paid? We’ll take care of it

Supplier Pay

A cheaper, faster and seamless solution to paying your suppliers. Save time and money with hassle-free supplier payments at bank-beating rates.

Try Loop for your next transfer.

Fast international payments
Save money with no hidden charges or fees
Have more cash to invest in growth
Pay in any currency

Our Clients Love Us

"You take time to learn about our business without it feeling like I'm begging you for money like the banks do. I liked that. It felt like a partnership. Like we’re doing this together and that was a really cool feeling, especially when I'm trying to get capital"

Kyle Jollymore, CEO of Phusia
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"I would definitely use Loop again. In my opinion, if you're Canadian then Loop is the best option for an ecommerce business."

Shaun Hamaluk, CEO of PrimePure
Read Shaun's Success Story  >

USD & CAD Wallets

A USD and CAD account that lets you get paid in the currency you do business in.

Receive marketplace and gateway payments in USD or CAD
Use your receiving account to to pay suppliers, make card purchases or repay your line of credit
Pay suppliers directly from your receiving account
Premium support
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Loop Card

We reinvented the spending card and built it specifically for eCommerce brands. Stop worrying about managing limits and transferring money, invest in growth and get rewarded for it.

Fast international payments
Save money on interest and fees
Have more cash to invest in growth
Premium support
The Smarter Way to Scale eCommerce Businesses
Save your valuable dollars for business growth

Loop’s all-in-one solution will provide you with all the necessary tools you need to save your valuable cash for business growth rather than endless fees you can’t even explain.

Never worry about your finances ever again

This is our promise to you. Each of our clients has a dedicated financial expert that will help them take care of any financial needs that will help you grow your business. All you need to do is ask.

A financing partner that can finally keep up

We understand that your business is growing fast, that's why Loop works with your business to ensure that every month, you’ve always got access to enough credit. We will always make sure you’re getting the best out of Loop.

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*Applying is free and won’t affect your credit score!

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