Maximize Your eCommerce Brand’s Revenue Growth

A flexible line of credit designed for entrepreneurs.
Access is 100% free.
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Maximize Your Revenue Growth.

A flexible line of credit designed for entrepreneurs. Access is 100% free.

$73m invested in 900+ Canadian businesses.

Grow your top line revenue and never lose a sale due to an out of stock.
Increase your margins

Loop provides the capital you need to grow, in return, we charge a small fee of 1% each month on the total amount you use.

Improve control of your cash flow and repay on your own schedule

Choose how much you would like to repay. You can draw on your Loop line of credit whenever you'd like.

Avoid stock-outs

Use our funds on your inventory so you can free up your cashflow for other businesses expenses like ads and employees.

About Us

Loop offers a flexible and affordable way for you to pay for your inventory and growth needs. Our mission is to provide honest financial products that help eCommerce brands grow their revenues and increase their margins. With Loop, there are no gimmicks like hidden fees or term payments, so what you get is a real credit line that grows with your business. Never lose out on sales again due to a lack of stock.

Our terms are tailored specifically to suit your eCommerce needs.

Access funding to make your next purchase.
Pay 1% of the amount you withdraw
Pay back what you took once your inventory sells
Don't want to pay back just yet?
pay an affordable monthly interest rate on your outstanding balance

It's that simple..

We are built specifically to provide capital for Ecommerce entrepreneurs

As your business grows, so will your available funds. Every month, we'll automatically re-assess your performance to make sure you've always got enough funding available to maximize your potential revenue.

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Example Client


Jenny is Fashion ABC's financial controller. The business generates $150,000 in monthly sales on Shopify and Amazon.

  • Manufacturing and shipping takes 2 months
  • It takes the company 3 months to sell the inventory
  • Jenny needs 5 months of inventory to fuel growth

Fashion ABC's business is growing and Jenny knows she needs to buy $75,000 of inventory for her coming months of sales. With her current cycle time, she wants to purchase 2 months of inventory to insure Fashion ABC doesn't run out of stock - this will cost her about $150,000. With her current cycle time she will be able to pay this inventory order back within 4 months.

Funding breakdown

  • 1% per month of the withdrawn amount repaid in 4 months = $5,623
  • A withdrawal fee of $1,500

Total Funding Cost of the Order: $7,123.10

For less than 2.37% of the 2 months of sales, Jenny was able to get the inventory she needed without the stress of running out of stock and losing out on thousands of dollars in revenue

Inventory Management Guide

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