Meet Shaun Hamaluk, CEO of PrimePure

Shaun wanted to expand

He knew that cashflow was going to be an issue if he wanted to expand his product line by adding new SKUs as well as investing in marketing his brand around the world. So Shaun started researching which lender would be the best financing partner for him.

"There's a lot of lending companies out there that take advantage of people's lack of knowledge... I would be on a phone call with a rep from another lender and you could tell they were dodging some of the questions I was asking."

Shaun Hamaluk, CEO

So he did a quick google search

He found us at the top of the page and after running through the quick online application, we hopped on the phone and helped him through the rest of the way.

"One of the things that really stood out to us was the fact that Loop was an operating line of credit that could grow as our business grew."

Shaun Hamaluk, CEO

Now he turns on the jets

With new financing and confidence in his company's cash flow, Shaun can take PrimePure worldwide and establish an even bigger presence in the ecommerce space.

The PrimePure Team

Like many other eCommerce companies, PrimePure currently operates using remote meetings, but that certainly hasn't stopped them from having a blast while they grow their business!

Get started with a financial partner that can finally keep up

At Loop, we understand that your business is growing fast. We built Loop for fast growing eCommerce brands who need a financial partner to take care of their day to day financial service needs, including making sure you are adequately financed.