Meet Kyle Jollymore, CEO of Phusia

Kyle took big margin cuts

Kyle's initial method of financing the purchase of their inventory was to buy through wholesalers as opposed to direct from manufacturers which meant prices were steep and margins were severely reduced.

"We were losing 25-40% [margin] for every item..."

Kyle Jollymore, CEO

Until he found a solution

Through a personal referral from one of his employees, Kyle found us and in just a few days time we erased his financing troubles by offering easy and affordable financing.

"You took time to learn about our business... I liked that, it felt like a partnership. Like we were doing this together and that was a really cool feeling, especially when I'm trying to raise capital"

Kyle Jollymore, CEO

Now he can save on huge costs

With the new financing, Kyle can grow Phusia while obtaining better supplier dels and bigger discounts which all lead to a healthier cash flow.

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