A card built
for ecommerce businesses.

Spending on your own terms is right around the corner!

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Running an ecommerce store brings nuances that banks don't get

Loop has been working closely with ecommerce businesses to create a card designed to support your growing online store.

Key Features

Here’s What the Card Can Do For You

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Spend Internationally

Purchase and pay in any currency without needing to convert.

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Interest Free Spending

Up to 50 days of interest free purchasing.

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Growing Credit Limit

Credit limits that automatically scale as your spending needs increase.

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Collect points

Earn points on purchases in every currency.

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Ongoing Support

You have access to Loop's awesome support team to help you answer any questions you have.

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No Hidden Fees

Know exactly what you are getting and what it will cost you.

Access capital within minutes - so you can do what's right for you

You need the ability adapt quickly. Loop gives you access to credit when you need it, without having to jump through hoops or be stuck waiting to find out if you are approved.

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