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Sleek & Smart High-Growth Brand Finds Success with Loop

Dimple Lalwani
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How to Choose the Right Financial Partner for Your Business

As you weigh and measure the inventory financing solutions we've explored in this article, it will behoove you to pinpoint the types of service(s) you prioritize most in a financial partner. Examples include costs and fees, repayment plans, additional products and services, expertise and professional guidance, or the type of white-glove service that Loop provides.

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Loop Updates: Multi-User Access Is Here!

We're excited to let you know that you can now invite your business partners and colleagues to manage your Loop account. With some of the upcoming features we have planned, the ability to have multiple people access a single business account is an important step to helping Loop become your centralized financial management dashboard.

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Loop: a “Game-Changer” for Your Brand

"[As a start-up], it's tough to get funding from a bank," says Ricky Walton, president and founder of My Custom Sports Chair. "For us...we get volume discounts on inventory, so we're always looking to get cash up front. We ended up with Loop, and it's been fantastic. We got a solid line of credit...and it's organically helped us grow our online sales substantially. This year alone, we're up 389% on just goes to show how much Loop has helped us out this year."

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